Fujimarca MC- 709SE Version 3  Starters Kit Lvl 1 (NO FREESHIP PROMO)

Fujimarca MC- 709SE Version 3 Starters Kit Lvl 1 (NO FREESHIP PROMO)

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This starter set was created by us for customers that wish to purchase a heavy duty commercial shave ice machine while putting a cap on supplies and flavors. This kit is perfect for first time customers that just opened up a store/business and wish to test the waters and practice before diving head first into a major start up. What this starter set offers is entry level items in smaller quantities so that you can have all that you need right out of the box to start selling, but yet also be able to use it as a beginner practicing kit.

We didn't include a lot of flavors in this kit, this is because we wish to give the starter store just enough to get the feel of what their customers want before they move to large quantities. It is good to see your customer's flavor preference before ordering in larger sizes.

**Please list flavor concentrate selection in "comments" section upon check out""

*This machine DOES NOT qualify for any discounts or FREESHIP promotions. Shipping charges is required upon purchasing. Please call us for rates*

This starter set includes the following:

(1) Fujimarca Mc 709 Se
(10) 4oz concentrates
(10) Pouring Bottles w/ spouts and spout cap
(10) Ice Molds
(1) Pouring Bottle Funnel
(1) Spoon Straws
(2) 200 count Small Flower Cup
(1) Gloves
(1) Spare Blade
(1) Poster & Banner
(1) Packing Spoon
(1) Syrup Bottle Drying Rack

Total Value: $1474.50