Condensed Milk

Condensed Milk

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Product Description

Condensed Milk

High grade condensed milk. This condensed milk is imported from Taiwan and gives your shave ice an authentic Asian flare. Many people use this in conjunction with azuki beans or you can also use it as a "snow cap".

Approx: 52 oz net weight.

Disclaimer: If you purchase this item in bulk. Due to the weight of the item, dent on cans may occur in transit. We cannot compensate for dent cans if you purchase in bulk due to shipment weight. 


Sugar, Milk powder, Water, Maltose, Coconut oil, Emulsifier.

Country of origin: Taiwan

Net Weight: 1300g ± 3%                


Shelf Life: 12 months

Please store in a cool, dry place, refrigerate after opening. Best if used by date shown on end of can.


Nutrition Facts
   Amount per serving: 10g
   Amount per container: 130
Each serving  100g   
  Total Fat
      Saturated Fat
      Trans Fat
32.0 kcal  
0.7 g  
0.8 g  
0.6 g  
0 g  
5.5 g  
5.5 g  
11 mg  
320.0 kcal   
7.0 g   
8.0 g   
5.8 g   
0 g   
55.0 g   
55.0 g   
110 mg