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Tension spring for the Fujimarca electric shave ice machine. Please remember to select which type of gear assembly you have.   3 Handle Assembly : For machines made before 2011 with star ty..



Replacement switch for the Fujimarca MC709SE shave ice machine. Fits all the newer generation 709 models...



Fujimarca head cover replacement...

Fujimarca Manual Juicer


Fujimarca branded manual juicer, this durable machine could assist you in making fresh juices daily without worrying about electricity. Easy to clean and very compact. Made of metal, not plastic...

Fujimarca MC-709SE GO-TO Maintenance Kit


No Shave Ice machine is completely maintenance free, nor do any last forever – that’s why we created the GO-TO Maintenance Kit. This all-in-one Kit helps make the very basic routine maintenance even..



This is the PIN that goes into the blade bracket support to secure it...

Fujimarca MC-709SE Blade Bracket Spring


Fujimarca MC-709SE Blade Bracket Spring. This is the support spring that goes in between the brass blade support bracket and the brass assembly...

FUJIMARCA MC-709SE Brass Plate Wing Nuts


O.E.M Fujimarca MC-709SE Brass Plate Wing Nuts and Screws.  4 Pieces Total...

Fujimarca MC-709SE Center-Vertical Shaft Screw


O.E.M Fujimarca MC-709SE Center Shaft Screw. It is installed onto the top pulley and the cut-away portion of the center-vertical shaft. ..

Fujimarca MC-709SE Electric Shave Ice Machine (NO FREESHIP PROMO)


Most popular and finest block ice shaver in the market today. Produces "fine" quality Hawaiian style shave ice. True work horse. Heavy duty industrial motor mounted on a cast iron body will help y..

Fujimarca MC-709SE Electric Shave Ice Machine v2


NOTES:  Due to increased in speed of output. Please DO NOT use oversized blocks in excess of 5.5 inches by 5 inches.  Otherwise,  you may experience occasional blocks of ice being ..

Fujimarca MC-709SE Electric Shave Ice Machine v3


The V3 of the popular Fujimarca MC709 Electric block ice machine is the newest model available today!The difference between the V3 and the V2 and V1 is the space between the blade and the base!  ..

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