Fujimarca MC-709SE  GO-TO Maintenance Kit

Fujimarca MC-709SE GO-TO Maintenance Kit

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Fujimarca MC-709SE GO-TO Maintenance Kit

No Shave Ice machine is completely maintenance free, nor do any last forever – that’s why we created the GO-TO Maintenance Kit. This all-in-one Kit helps make the very basic routine maintenance even easier, and may help save you money if you’ve neglected that maintenance for some time.

Includes: 1 EACH of the following items.

  • 709SE Blade
  • #32, 33 OR #34 Belt  
  • Pressure Assembly Gear Piece
  • Pressure Assembly Tension Spring (short OR long)
  • Blade Mounting Bracket, Tension Spring, and Rod.
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • Misc SCREWS (brass plate screws, top cover screws, and pressure assembly screws)
  • Grease/Lube

Retail Price : OVER  $150.00 in parts.


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