Fujimarca MC-709SE Starter Kit Lvl 2

Fujimarca MC-709SE Starter Kit Lvl 2

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Fujimarca MC-709SE Starter Kit Lvl 2

This starter set was created by us for customers that wish to purchase a heavy duty commercial shave ice machine as well as enough flavors to start their business right away. The level 2 kit contains larger quantities of flavors, cups, and supplies. This kit is mainly for customers that already have a store and have already familiarized themselves with the machine and flavors. For this level 2 kit, we are going with the 16 ounce concentrate rather than the 32 ounce so you can have a bit more variety of flavors while not taking up a lot of shelf space.    

The level 2 kit is for businesses that expect to sell at least 50 cups a day with enough supplies to last them roughly one month.  

Please input your shave ice concentrate selection in the "comment" section upon check out.

  • (1) Fujimarca MC-709SE Block Ice Shaver (V1, V2, or V3)
  • (12) 16oz Pint Size Flavors 
  • (12) Pouring Bottle with Leak Proof Spouts   
  •  (4) Gallon Jugs for Mixing 
  • (1) Pouring Bottle Funnel
  • (1) 4oz Measuring Cup
  • (1) Gallon Bottle Funnel
  • (1000) 10 oz Ocean Design Paper Cups
  • (5) 400 count Plastic Spoon Straws
  • (10) Plastic Ice Molds
  • (500) Gloves
  • (1000) Wooden Spoons
  • (1) Packing Spoon
  • (1) Regular Foot Pedal
  • (1) Spare Blade
  • (1) Single Level Bottle Drying Rack
  • (1) Blade Oil / OR / Lube
  • (1) Ice Pick
  • (1) Poster
  • (1) Banner