Shave Ice Machine Repairs

Hawaiian Snow Nevada Inc  is a authorized dealer and service station for Fujimarca, Hatsuyuki, and Swan shave ice machines. We carry all OEM parts at our facility and are able to special order any part that we do not stock. Our company has been repairing shave ice machines for over 30 years and there is not a machine that we cannot fix, we can literally build your machine from scratch!  

We also post tutorials on our You Tube site to help customers in repairing and servicing their own machines, this way all you have to do is purchase the parts and save. 

However, we understand there are issues that are too difficult to repair such as balancing, electrical, and bearing issues. When those issues arise , you can count on us to repair your machine in a timely and cost friendly manner. 

Our company also offers video chat tutorials in guiding you to trouble shoot before you send your machine to us. We would look at your machine live, attempt to determine the problem, and hopefully resolve it on the spot before any money is spent. 

Always send your valuable shave ice machines to trusted repair centers and distributors. These machines are your bread and butter, you do not want to send it off only to have it damaged further! 

  • Average Service Pricing : $75-$100
  • Average Repair Pricing: $200-$350
  • Average Refurbishing Pricing: $300-$500
  • Average Return Shipping: $50-$80 (Fedex Ground)
  • Video Chat Diagnostic is free of charge, by appointment only via Zoom or Face Time. Please text/call/email us for an free appointment.
  • Repair mechanics are located in both our Hawaii and Las Vegas location. Turn around time is usually 3 days once the machine is in our shop.
  • Please see the repair videos below for self-repair.

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