Small Blossom Shave Ice Cup (2400 pcs)

Small Blossom Shave Ice Cup (2400 pcs)

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Product Description

Small Blossom Shave Ice Cup (2400 pcs)

Original design! Not a imitation.

Case of 2400 pcs

This is a brand new small flower cup design that we are introducing. The "blossom" cup is similar to the small flower cup, the major difference being that the blossom cup sits on the table easier and has a wider base preventing spills. Due to the wider base, this can also be used as a bowl for ice cream and other desserts. 

  • Same volume as small flower cups
  • Wider base helps the cup sit better on the table without needing a holder or worry about tipping over
  • Available in assorted color sleeves of 200 pieces or 12 colored sleeves of 2,400 pieces
  • Available in 6 attractive colors of red,blue,green,yellow,orange,and purple
  • Catches messy syrup drippings and prevents the shave ice from toppling
  • The cup does not crack even when squeezed or crumbled. 


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