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Block Shave Ice Machine Cover/ Dust Cover with Zipper

$35.00 $38.50

This is a machine dust cover made of fabric with Hawaiian print. Each cover is custom sewed to fit both Swan, Fujimarca, and Hatsuyuki block ice shavers. These covers are perfect for winter storage or..


Fujimarca "Green Machine" Sticker

$4.00 $5.00

The famous Fujimarca MC-709SE V1 has been known as the "green machine" since we started carrying this model in the 1980s.This machine has been used by some of the most famous shave ice stores and prod..


Fujimarca Manual Juicer

$90.00 $100.00

Fujimarca branded manual juicer, this durable machine could assist you in making fresh juices daily without worrying about electricity. Easy to clean and very compact. Made of metal, not plastic...


Fujimarca MC-711 Manual Shave Ice Machine (NO FREESHIP PROMO)

$400.00 $450.00

The Fujimarca manual shave ice machine is  the best and most reliable manual shave ice machine! We have sold hundreds of these units over the years to people locally and internationally. The Fuji..

Large Cone Style Flower Trays(1200pcs) *Clearance Special*

$140.00 $225.00

This item is currently on clearance for new incoming products. We will not be restocking this item upon depletion of inventory. Large flower shave ice drip trays are made for vendors that wish to pr..


Medium Lily Shave Ice Cups(1800pcs)

$300.00 $330.00

Lily shave ice cups have the same volume as medium flower shave ice cups Available in assorted color sleeves of 300 pieces or 6 colored sleeves of 1,800 pieces Available in 6 attractive colors of ..


Plexiglass 1 Hole Plastic Drip Cup Holder

$16.00 $17.00

This is a one hole plexiglass holder for plastic drip cups only. This holder will not work with paper cones. (Flower cup used for display purpose only)..


Small Blossom Shave Ice Cup (2400 pcs)

$300.00 $345.00

Original design! Not a imitation. Case of 2400 pcsThis is a brand new small flower cup design that we are introducing. The "blossom" cup is similar to the small flower cup, the major difference being ..


Small Flower Shave Ice Cups(2400pcs)

$300.00 $340.00

Small flower shave ice sups are popular among many shave ice stores due to its small, convenient, and easy to handle size. Works great with kids since the cup has a smaller base Available in assor..


Swan Ikenaga Shave Ice Inflatable Balloon

$25.00 $35.00

 External dimensions: φ350×600       Product weight (g): 240       Material: Polyethylene       Can be used both as a hanging type and ..


Swan Si-100 Electric Shave Ice Machine

$1,795.00 $1,995.00

The Swan Si-100 is one of the most popular shave ice machines on the market today next to the Fujimarca. The Swan is NSF approved, which means that it can be used for states that require the NSF(Natio..

Toy Home Shaver

$20.00 $35.00

Discontinued item.All sales final, no warranty, and no returns...

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