Swan Si-100 Starter Kit Lvl 2

Swan Si-100 Starter Kit Lvl 2

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Swan Si-100 Starter Kit Lvl 2

This starter set was created by us for customers that wish to purchase a heavy duty commercial shave ice machine and have enough supplies to start a business immediately . This kit is for customers that already have an existing business and just want enough supplies to start and run without having to worry about reordering any time soon.

We made this kit for our customers keeping in mind all the things they would need to set up their store so they can start making shave ice without going through the trial and training phase. If you are looking for a beginner/test starter set, we would recommend starting with the level 1.

The level 2 kit is made for businesses that expect to sell roughly 50 cups a day and we have inputted enough supplies to last between 1-2 month depending on volume.

**Please list flavor concentrate selection in "comments" section upon check out"" *lychee and green tea not applicable**

**Starters Set DO NOT qualify for any promotional discounts online. Most machines are 2nd DAY AIR shipped.  If GROUND shipping is selected. We may charge you additional shipping. Please call our office for a quote before adding to your cart.****

(1) Swan Si-100
(10) Quart Flavor Concentrate
(10) Molds
(1) Pouring Bottle Funnel
(1) Gallon Funnel
(10) Pouring Bottles Complete Set
(1) Measuring Cup
(1) Condensed Milk
(1) Squeeze Bottle
(1) 4 Hole Drip Cup Holder
(1) Case Small Flower Cups
(12) Box Spoon Straws
(1) Gloves
(1) Foot Pedal
(2) Poster
(1) Banner
Total Value: $2632.50