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Fujimarca MC709 gear assembly, one of the most important parts on the machine. This gear assembly includes a preadjusted spring, gear, handles, and assembly housing. To replace this part, all you woul..

Fujimarca 709SE Spike Assembly Screws


(4) Screws for the Fujimarca MC-709SE Spike Assembly..



Fujimarca electric ice shave spike assembly. Includes spikes as well as spike housing...

Fujimarca MC-710 Gear Assembly


This is a replacement gear assembly for the Fujimarca Mc-710 shave ice machine. This is a full assembly which includes the gear, spring, and bracket. Installation is fairly easy as we have video ..

Fujimarca MC709 Blade Bracket Assembly (3 pcs)


Fujimarca blade bracket assembly...

Fujimarca Spikes


Replacement spikes for all Fujimarca shavers.This piece is the spike only, does not include the metal bracket that attaches to the shaft. Installation is very easy, just unscrew the old spikes from th..

Gear assembly housing


This is the Fujimarca MC709 spring/gear housing that is used for the pressure and gear assembly...

Gear assembly lock


This is the locking nut that goes onto the Fujimarca MC 709 gear assembly. This is used not only to lock the star in place for pressure adjusting, but also used to hold the handles that is used to rai..

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