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Biodegradable Small (4oz) Shave Ice Flower Cups (2400pcs)


This is for a case of 2400  biodegradable small (4oz)  shave ice flower cups.This cup is the exact replica of the regular small (4oz) shave ice flower cups. These earth friendly cups are ..


Small Blossom Shave Ice Cup (2400 pcs)

$300.00 $345.00

Original design! Not a imitation. Case of 2400 pcsThis is a brand new small flower cup design that we are introducing. The "blossom" cup is similar to the small flower cup, the major difference being ..


Small Flower Shave Ice Cups(2400pcs)

$300.00 $340.00

Small flower shave ice sups are popular among many shave ice stores due to its small, convenient, and easy to handle size. Works great with kids since the cup has a smaller base Available in assor..

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