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SWAN SI-100 Break Worm Gear


SWAN Si-100 Worm Gear..

Swan Si-100 Center Shaft


Factory OEM Swan Si-100 Center Shaft. This is part #7 on the manual...

SWAN Si-100 Crank Handle


Swan Si-100 Crank. Replaces the rusted one. Item #41 on the parts sheet...

Swan Si-100 Drain Hose


Drain hose for the ice tray.Replaces part #46 on the diagram..

Swan Si-100 Electric Shave Ice Machine *Free Shipping OK*


The Swan Si-100 is one of the most popular shave ice machines on the market today next to the Fujimarca. The Swan is NSF approved, which means that it can be used for states that require the NSF(Natio..

Swan Si-100 Front Panel


Original front panel from Ikegana Swan for the Swan Si-100 shave ice machine. This is part #29..

Swan Si-100 GO-TO Maintenance Kit


All Swan machines are created equal, but not when it's time for maintenance.  Don't worry! We have the perfect solution. Grab one of our GO-TO Maintenance Kits with your Swan machine purchase, be..

Swan Si-100 Handle Crank Screw


Screw for the Swan SI-100 handle crank. This is a common part that goes missing or rusts when you replace the crank wheel on the right...



OEM Ice catching tray for the Swan Si-100 Shave Ice Machine. Does not include hose...



OEM Swan Si-100 Shave Ice Machine base. Replaces cracked bases for the machine, direct bolt on item. ..

Swan Si-100 Main Frame Cover


Factory OEM Swan Si-100 Rear Panel CoverPart #24..



Factory Mitsubishi motor that serves as a replacement for the Swan machine.Comes with the worm gear attached. ..

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