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Fujimarca Manual Juicer

$90.00 $100.00

Fujimarca branded manual juicer, this durable machine could assist you in making fresh juices daily without worrying about electricity. Easy to clean and very compact. Made of metal, not plastic...

Gallon Jug Pump


Pump for gallon jugs. Each pump produces 1oz of liquid, perfect for making a quart of shave ice syrup...

Gallon Mixing Jar


This is a one gallon wide mouth mixing jar for use to mix simple syrup. Simply add sugar and water, close the lid and shake for roughly 2 minutes or until sugar dissolves. Comes with a plastic lid...

Hawaiian Snow Window Sticker


High quality window sticker for your window! If you love eating shaved ice, show your pride by purchasing one of your Hawaiian snow ice window stickers! Size: Length 9 inches x Width 10.5 inches..

Hawaiian Style Shave Ice Banner


Our newest shave ice banner design. Made with waterproof/rip proof material to last outdoor weathering. Banner measures 5 feet in length x 25 inches width..

High Quality Latex/Vinyl Free Hybrid Stretch Disposable Gloves (100 pcs)


These are high quality gloves for shave ice making. We tested these gloves in house ourselves and they work excellent! Not only are they reusable, they do not rip easy, and they provide decent insulat..

Ice Mold


Make your own block ice using ice molds! This mold fits perfectly into all block shavers. The mold is made into the recommended size for block ice. For commercial ice making, please check with your..

Leak Proof Pour Spout w/Cap


Upgrade your pour spouts with the latest in no drip no spill technology!  The latest and greatest in pour spout tech keeps your syrup even safer!  Prevent those pesky spills with this spout ..

Li Hing Mui Powder


Li Hing Mui Powder topping for Shaved Ice: 1 pound li hing mui powder used as toppings for shaved ice. This is the same powder we use for our li hing mui concentrates! You could use it for popcorn ..

Metal Shave Ice Tray


Shave ice catch tray for Fujimarca and Swan block ice shavers. Instead of using the small trays that comes with your machine to catch fallen ice, use these extra large trays over it so that you won't ..

Mini Deluxe 3 Prong Ice Pick


Deluxe ice pick that is made of heavier duty material than our normal standard one.This 3 prong ice pick has a solid wood handle and stainless steel prongs. The pick is smaller for better handling and..

Plastic Gloves


Plastic gloves used for clean handling of shaved ice. Comes in Packs of 100..

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