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Plastic Gloves


Plastic gloves used for clean handling of shaved ice. Comes in Packs of 100..

Plexiglass 1 Hole Plastic Drip Cup Holder


This is a one hole plexiglass holder for plastic drip cups only. This holder will not work with paper cones. (Flower cup used for display purpose only)..

Plexiglass 3 Hole Drip Cup Holder


Plexiglass 3 hole drip cup holder holds 3 small or 3 medium sized drip cup shave ices. This cup holder will NOT fit regular paper cones, it is only meant for plastic drip cups. (Flower cups used fo..

Plexiglass 3 Hole Paper Cone Holder


Plexiglass cone holder fit shave ice paper cones. We also carry a 6 hole version as well. For custom version, please contact us and we can make a cone holder that fits your needs. (Paper cone..

Plexiglass 4 Hole Plastic Cup Holder


Plexiglass cone holder fits shave ice plastic flower cups. This holder fits 4 plastic medium/small flower cups.   For a custom version, please contact us and we can make a cone holder that ..

Plexiglass 6 Hole Bottle Rack


Plexiglass bottle rack fits six pouring bottles. We also have a 12 hole bottle rack that has to be special ordered. Please email us for more information...

Plexiglass 6 Hole Cone Holder


Plexiglass 6 hole paper cone holder. (Paper cones used for display purposes only)..

Plexiglass Straw Holder


Used for dispensing spoonstraws..

Pouring Bottle


Plastic pouring bottle helps pouring syrup easier. 32oz Plastic bottles are safer than glass. ..

Pouring Bottle Funnel


Funnel for pouring syrup from gallon container into pouring bottle without having the funnel easily tipping over...

Pouring Bottle Spout


Please choose color when ordering.Sold as each. Available Colors: Blue/Green/Yellow/Red/Clear/Black..

Pouring Bottle Spout Cap(plastic)


Black vinyl dust caps fit over the tip of the spouts. For plastic pouring bottle spouts only. Will not fit metal ones. *spout not included*..

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