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4oz Measuring Cup


This is a 4oz measuring cup used to measure 1 gallon of shave ice concentrate...


Plexiglass 1 Hole Plastic Drip Cup Holder

$16.00 $17.00

This is a one hole plexiglass holder for plastic drip cups only. This holder will not work with paper cones. (Flower cup used for display purpose only)..

Plexiglass 3 Hole Drip Cup Holder


Plexiglass 3 hole drip cup holder holds 3 small or 3 medium sized drip cup shave ices. This cup holder will NOT fit regular paper cones, it is only meant for plastic drip cups. (Flower cups used fo..

Plexiglass 4 Hole Plastic Cup Holder


Plexiglass cone holder fits shave ice plastic flower cups. This holder fits 4 plastic medium/small flower cups.   For a custom version, please contact us and we can make a cone holder that ..

Shave Ice 6oz Cup


Plain 6oz Paper Cones..



Lose the measuring cup and potential mess; measure and pour using one container. Also known as twin neck dispensing bottles or Bettix bottles or Chem-Mix, these measure and pour bottles require a simp..

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