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Medium Lily Shave Ice Cups(300pcs)


Lily shave ice cups have the same volume as medium flower shave ice sups Available in assorted color sleeves of 300 pieces or 6 colored sleeves of 1,800 pieces Available in 6 attractive colors of ..

Mele Design - Paper Shave Ice and Ice Cream Cups


Our newest licensed product by famous local artist Colleen Wilcox! This Mele Design was one of Colleen's popular creations showcasing inspired by Hawaiian flowers.This virgin paper cup is beautifully ..


Metal Shave Ice Catch Tray

$18.00 $20.00

Shave ice catch tray for Fujimarca and Swan block ice shavers. Instead of using the small trays that comes with your machine to catch fallen ice, use these extra large trays over it so that you won't ..


Mini Deluxe 3 Prong Ice Pick

$17.00 $18.00

Deluxe ice pick that is made of heavier duty material than our normal standard one.This 3 prong ice pick has a solid wood handle and stainless steel prongs. The pick is smaller for better handling and..

Ocean Design - Paper Shave ice and Ice Cream Cups


Our Eco friendly, US made virgin paper, FDA approved, one of a kind paper cups are here!  Designed by local Hawaiian Artist Colleen Wilcox, these cups are beautifully designed  to hold your ..

Refurbished 2019 Fujimarca Mc-709 Version 2 Shave Ice Machine (No Free Shipping)


Used Fujimarca Mc-709 V2 . This machine has been refurbished by our in house staff. Guaranteed in working condition with a good blade and all gears greased. There are minor scratches from wear and tea..


Shave Ice 6 Prong Ice Pick/Ice Chipper

$14.50 $15.95

Six prong ice pick for customers that wish to cut large blocks of commercial ice into smaller pieces. We recommend cutting  the ice block no bigger than 6 inches by 6 inches...

Shave Ice 6oz Cup


Plain 6oz Paper Cones..

Shave Ice Anatomy Insulated Reusuable Bag


MEDIUM ORIGINAL INSULATED BAGMedium Original - Reusable Insulated Bag | Tropical Paper GardenTransport hot or cold food items from your home, office or grocery store.Lightweight and easy to clean..


Shave Ice and Ice Cream Wooden Spoons(10,000 pcs)

$145.00 $155.00

1 case of wooden spoons. 10,000 pieces unwrapped. Same wooden spoon they use for ice cream and old school shave ice. These are  3.50 inches in length..


Shave Ice Banner 4-Happy Face

$10.00 $15.00

Shave ice banner made from high quality vinyl material. Weather proof. This is an original design hand drawn by one of our graphic artists, it will be sure to attract both kids and adults alike! Me..

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Shave Ice Banner Vertical


Vertical shave ice banner made with waterproof vinyl. Weather proof.   Measures 4 feet 11 inches in height and roughly 2 feet in width...

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