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Blade Oil


A lot of people have asked us on tips to keep their blade rust free and sharp. We tell our clients that we use mineral oils on our rental shavers to help prolong blade life as well as prevent rust (es..

Block Shaver Machine Cover/ Dust Cover


This is a machine dust cover made of fabric with Hawaiian print. Each cover is custom sewed to fit both Swan, Fujimarca, and Hatsuyuki block ice shavers. These covers are perfect for winter storage or..



Brand new design! Shave cube ice using your block shaver! The version 2 brass plate lets you shave a small amount of cube ice using your existing Fujimarca block shaver.What this design does is l..



Brand new design! Shave cube ice using your block shaver! The version 3 brass plate lets you position your ice blocks without worrying of it flying out. It is good for new operators or store empl..

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Fujimarca MC-709SE Electric Shave Ice Machine (NO FREESHIP PROMO)


Most popular and finest block ice shaver in the market today. Produces "fine" quality Hawaiian style shave ice. True work horse. Heavy duty industrial motor mounted on a cast iron body will help y..

Fujimarca MC-709SE Electric Shave Ice Machine v2


NOTES:  Due to increased in speed of output. Please DO NOT use oversized blocks in excess of 5.5 inches by 5 inches.  Otherwise,  you may experience occasional blocks of ice being ..


Fujimarca MC-709SE Electric Shave Ice Machine v3

$1,300.00 $1,500.00

The V3 of the popular Fujimarca MC709 Electric block ice machine is the newest model available today!The difference between the V3 and the V2 and V1 is the space between the blade and the base!  ..

Fujimarca MC-710 Electric Shave Ice Machine


This is the newest Fujimarca in our line up. This machine is made purely with stainless steel.*This machine DOES NOT qualify for any discounts or FREESHIP promotions. Shipping charges is required upon..

Fujimarca MC-710 Gear Assembly


This is a replacement gear assembly for the Fujimarca Mc-710 shave ice machine. This is a full assembly which includes the gear, spring, and bracket. Installation is fairly easy as we have video ..

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Fujimarca MC-711 Manual Shave Ice Machine (NO FREESHIP PROMO)


The Fujimarca manual shave ice machine is  the best and most reliable manual shave ice machine! We have sold hundreds of these units over the years to people locally and internationally. The Fuji..

Hatsuyuki HC8E Cube Ice Shaver (FREE SHIP OK)


This is one of the most easy to use compact cube shaver out in the market! Commercial shaver, but can be used for home or small  parties as well!Auto Shut Off feature that will shut down the mach..

Petro Gel Food Grade Lubricant


Petrol-Gel is the purest of lubricants, made with odorless, tasteless high viscosity index paraffin base oil Petrol-Gel is compounded with appropriate food grade additives to meet the performance de..

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