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Hatsuyuki HC8e Rubber Foot


Replacement rubber foot for the Hatsuyuki HC8E cube ice shavers. Comes individually...

Hatsuyuki HC8E Screw


For a set of 4 screws...

Hatsuyuki HC8E Top Cover


Replacement head cover for the Hatsuyuki HC8e cube shave ice machine...

Petro Gel Food Grade Lubricant


Petrol-Gel is the purest of lubricants, made with odorless, tasteless high viscosity index paraffin base oil Petrol-Gel is compounded with appropriate food grade additives to meet the performance de..



Replacement blade adjustment knob for your Swan shave ice machine. Genuine Swan part from Japan.Part #16..

Swan Ice Block Holder Cover


Replaced Part #9 on the diagram.This is the cover for the spikes...

Swan Protector


Protector for Swan shave ice machines.Replaces part #34 on the diagram..

SWAN Si-100 Blade Holder


Replacement blade holder for the Swan Si-100 shave ice machine. This is #22 on the Swan part list. ..



Replace your Swan Si-100 blades when they get worn or dull. These blades are resharpenable as long as you take it to a qualified blade sharpening shop. All genuine parts from Japan...

SWAN Si-100 Brake


Brake for the Swan Si-100 Ice Shaver. Use this part when your old brake is worn out. Easy and simple to replace part. Genuine part from Japan...

SWAN SI-100 Break Worm Gear


SWAN Si-100 Worm Gear..

Swan Si-100 Center Shaft


Factory OEM Swan Si-100 Center Shaft. This is part #7 on the manual...

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