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OEM Swan Si-100 Worm Spring for the Swan shave ice machine. This is the spring that attaches to the brake shoe. ..

Swan Si-150CBK Handle Crank


Crank for raising and lowering the main shaft. Part #7 on the diagram...

Swan Si-150CBK Internal Panel


Internal panel for the Swan Si150 CBK.Part #9 on the diagram...

Swan Si-150CBK Main Shaft


Replacement main shaft for the Swan Si-150Part #5 on the diagram..

Swan Si-150CBK Motor Cover


Part #10 on the diagram.Covers the motor for the Swan Si 150..

Swan Si-150CBK V-Belt


Part #2 on the diagramFactory belt for the Swan Si-150CBK..

Swan Si-8B Recro Commercial Manual Shave Ice Machine (No Free Shipping)


Brand new model for 2023! The Ikenaga Swan Si-8B is a upgraded model of the Swan Si-3B manual ice shaver.This machine shares the same blade as the Swan Si-100E and shaves near commercial quality ice. ..

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