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Purchase your genuine Swan shave ice machine parts here. All parts are made from Ikenaga (the manufacture of Swan machines) and made in Japan.

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Blade Oil


A lot of people have asked us on tips to keep their blade rust free and sharp. We tell our clients that we use mineral oils on our rental shavers to help prolong blade life as well as prevent rust (es..



Replacement blade adjustment knob for your Swan shave ice machine. Genuine Swan part from Japan.Part #16..

Swan Ice Block Holder Cover


Replaced Part #9 on the diagram.This is the cover for the spikes...

Swan Protector


Protector for Swan shave ice machines.Replaces part #34 on the diagram..

SWAN Si-100 Blade Holder


Replacement blade holder for the Swan Si-100 shave ice machine. This is #22 on the Swan part list. ..



Replace your Swan Si-100 blades when they get worn or dull. These blades are resharpenable as long as you take it to a qualified blade sharpening shop. All genuine parts from Japan...

SWAN Si-100 Brake


Brake for the Swan Si-100 Ice Shaver. Use this part when your old brake is worn out. Easy and simple to replace part. Genuine part from Japan...

SWAN SI-100 Break Worm Gear


SWAN Si-100 Worm Gear..

Swan Si-100 Center Shaft


Factory OEM Swan Si-100 Center Shaft. This is part #7 on the manual...

SWAN Si-100 Crank Handle


Swan Si-100 Crank. Replaces the rusted one. Item #41 on the parts sheet...

Swan Si-100 Drain Hose


Drain hose for the ice tray.Replaces part #46 on the diagram..

2-3 Days

Swan Si-100 Front Panel


Original front panel from Ikegana Swan for the Swan Si-100 shave ice machine. This is part #29..

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