Current List of Authorized Distributors for Fujimarca Ice Shavers and Hawaiian Snow flavorings.

AUSTRALIA (Flavors, Supplies, Machines)

Chill Out Shave Ice
Attn: Lisa White
Phone: 0412 758 471
MAUI (Flavors, Supplies, Machines, and Machine Fixing)
Desert Snow
Attn: Steve Grimm
Phone: 808 344 1777
BIG ISLAND (Flavors, Cotton Candy, Supplies)
Hawaii Paper Products
Phone: 808 935 9796
KAUAI (Machines, Flavors, Supplies, and Machine Fixing)
Hawaiian Blizzard
Attn: Aaron Furugen
Phone: 808 822 1070

OAHU (Flavors, Supplies, Machines, Fixing)
HTK Hawaii Inc
Phone: 808-841-3888

NEVADA (Flavors, Supplies, Machines, Fixing)
Hawaiian Snow Nevada Inc
Phone: 702-476-2337

LOUISIANA (Fujimarca Machines and Repair Only)
Southern Snow
Phone: 808 822 1070