Mele Design - Paper Shave Ice and Ice Cream Cups

Mele Design - Paper Shave Ice and Ice Cream Cups

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8 ounce Sleeve (50) $7.50
8 ounce Case (1000) $92.50
10 ounce Sleeve (50) $8.00
10 ounce Case (1000) $97.50
12 ounce Sleeve (50) $8.50
12 ounce Case (1000) $102.50
16 ounce Sleeve (50) $9.50
16 ounce Case (1000) $117.50

Product Description

Mele Design - Paper Shave Ice and Ice Cream Cups

Our newest licensed product by famous local artist Colleen Wilcox!

This Mele Design was one of Colleen's popular creations showcasing inspired by Hawaiian flowers.

This virgin paper cup is beautifully printed with US FDA approved paper with high quality ink bringing out the vibrant flowers that Colleen is known to create.

The Mele design was picked by our very own Face Book VIP Vendors, edited by a professional graphic designer to wrap the art around the cup, and approved by Colleen to make sure the integrity of her creation remains.

We are the only ones selling these cups on the market as part of a exclusive licensing agreement with the artist.

Bring some Hawaiian inspirations to your shave ice with our Mele or Ocean cup!

  • Sizes are available in 8, 10, 12, and 16 ounces 
  • Can be used for cold and warm items. 
  • For more information about the artist
  • Sleeve of 50 pieces or Case of 1000
  • May be used as ice cream cups or for soft serve cups. Can also be used as fruit cups too.

8oz: 95mm (D) x 60mm (H)

10oz:  95mm (D)  x 70mm (H)

12oz: 110mm (D) x 60mm (H)

16oz: 110mm (D) x 85mm (H)